Boosted Oat Bran

I never liked oatmeal growing up — there was just something about the texture that I couldn’t stomach — so instead I ate a lot of cream of wheat. As an adult, I realized that cream of wheat has very little nutritional value, but discovered oat bran, which has more fiber and a decent amount of protein. When I started thinking about shifting how I eat, I happened to see this Huffington Post article and it got me thinking. This recipe is simple, though if you make in in the microwave like I do, it needs a bit of watching.

Boosted Oat Bran

1/4 cup oat bran
1 egg
3/4 cup milk (or water — your choice — but it’s richer with milk)
salt, to taste

Break the egg into a mug and beat, breaking the yolk. Add the oat bran and mix. Then mix in the milk. Start in the microwave for one minute on high. Stir, and add 30 seconds. Stir and add another 30 seconds — and make sure to watch the microwave, because this is when the oat bran is most likely to bubble over the top of the mug. If that starts to happen, immediately open the microwave door and give the oatmeal a stir. It may be done or you may want to give it another 10-15 seconds.

Once you have the desired consistency, salt to taste and eat.