Recipes I’m working on

You can see from a lot of my posts that I often base my cooking on other people’s recipes. That doesn’t mean I don’t come up with any on my own, though! Usually, I like to have a base recipe so I get proportions right, which is especially important for dishes that need to keep their shape in some way (like those turkey meatloaf muffins I posted last night) or anything that I’m going to bake. Other foods require a certain ratio in order to get the right texture. So, my next projects?

  1. Chai-spiced chia seed pudding. I really like chia, though the texture isn’t for everyone. But you have to get the liquid to seed ratio just right. Too much and it doesn’t set properly; too little and it becomes chunky and hard. I also want to do some spice adjustments on this recipe to get the flavor closer to the already-delicious aroma.
  2. Something with quinoa, goat cheese, and broccoli. I’m not sure yet if this will be side-dish-esque bites or something more like a breakfast muffin. But the flavors all really appeal to me, so I’m excited about where this one will go.
  3. I’ve really wanted to figure out almond crusted chicken for a while now, but have only attempted it once. I think it’s time to give it a try again!

So give me a few days – maybe the weekend – and I’ll be back with something delicious.


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