About Me

I’m a Bostonian by birth and a New Yorker by choice. I’ve lived all over the United States, but always in cities; that’s where my heart belongs. Despite my love for cities, I have a strong appreciation for fresh produce, local, pasture raised meats, and home cooking. My dream is to someday find a city apartment with porch or backyard access that has enough light for a garden; my current apartment only has north-facing windows. Even with the help of artificial sunlight, I only managed to grow two anemic peppers this year.

For most of my 20s, I bounced between dieting and paying no attention to what I ate. Whichever mode I was in, I ate a lot of processed, prepackaged food and takeout. As I got closer to 30, my eating habits took their toll and, to put it mildly, my body felt out of whack. I’ve embraced making my own food as a way of rebalancing myself. I don’t reject any foods or food groups outright. I’m notĀ interested in denying myself. But I do want to shift the balance away from sugars and refined carbs toward whole grains, pasture raised meat, and seasonal vegetables. I want to know what is in the food I’m eating.


Several years ago, I started canning high acid foods using a boiling water bath method. This method can be used only for fruits, jams, and pickled foods with an acidity level below 4.6. I am looking to buy my first pressure canner, which would allow me to can many of the soups and stews I make, particularly in the winter months. Wherever appropriate, I will include information from authoritative resources, as canning recipes, particularly for water bath canning, should generally be tested to ensure acidity levels.

Pastoral City

Pastoral City came about when I was looking for a name for my photography. While I am a happy city-dweller, I spend large amounts of time in the wonderful parks I have access to as a resident of New York City. My photography, which focuses on birds found in Brooklyn’s natural spaces, can be found at Pastoral City Photography.


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